Roosa Uusitalo

My name is Roosa Uusitalo and I was born in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland. I study the dance pedagogy program at University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm – Sweden, with a specialization in jazz dance. I started dancing in Nurmijärvi Dance Institute when I moved there at the age of seven. At the age of 16 I got accepted in to Vaskivuoren lukio – upper secondary school in Vantaa, Finland with specialization in modern and jazz dance and danced three years parallel with my advanced dance studies at Nurmijärvi Dance Institute.

I have never stopped dancing since I began, and it is one of the interest closest to my heart. The styles I’ve got experience in are modern and contemporary dance, ballet, different street dance styles and of course my specialization subject jazz. It was a natural extension in my dance career to apply to DOCH. I have always been interested in psychology, pedagogy and dance didactics studies. I have a hunger for knowledge and I always look for new possibilities to improve my skills in both dance and teaching.

What I love about dance is that I always learn new ways to express myself, explore the endless possibilities in art of dance and that it’s a never-ending job to improve one’s dance technique. I enjoy emotions that dancing gives me and as a teacher my main goal is to pass that joy on to my students.

Besides dancing I have always been interested in singing and acting. I was accepted to a music theatre group for teenagers in Finnish National Opera and Ballet. In the group we were creating our own scenes, songs and choreographies with a theatre-, music-, and dance pedagog. I have also taken some singing lessons in Nurmijärvi Music Institute and I also was also in one vocal group. In upper secondary school I sang in a school’s choir.

Picture: Leona Pylkkänen